Tuesday, January 8, 2008

something to hold onto

On Sunday we were at Target, at our weekly post-church grocery shopping trip. We wandered over to the Global bazaar section and I must admit I had my eyes peeled for something from Thailand. Instead I quickly spotted this white elephant. I remembered something from 'Anna and the King' about the important symbolism of White Elephants in Thai Culture (really Siamese culture in the film). Sadly, a large part of my Thai education at this point comes from that film and a brief trip there 2 years ago. I need to get some books! But, I digress - I grabbed the figurine and gave Sean that pleading look, the 'I must have this!' one. Even though I wasn't exactly sure of the significance, I really am just needing something to hold at this point. A concrete reminder of things to come. I've since read up some on elephants and white elephants and though some regard these as a good luck charm, my little white elephant is a prayer reminder. I look at it and remember to hope and believe for the little Thai someone that God has for us.

To read more about the importance of elephants in Thai culture click here.