Friday, October 17, 2008


So, we hit a small bump in the road at the Texas Secretary of State's office. I haven't want to write about it so I've been putting off blogging. Hopefully it won't be a big delay.

Sean was out of town last week and will be traveling again this next week so we are taking off to my in-laws ranch for some much needed family time and then the kids & I will stay up there while Sean is gone. I am really excited to get away for a little bit. (read: I am ready to be wearing sweaters.)

Perhaps by the time we get back, things between Texas and I will be back on good terms, and our documents will be making their happy way to DC.


Melissa May said...

PHOOEY!!!!! I hope the bump gets smoothed out soon... :( Don't they know those papers really need to keep moving and how hard you've worked on them?????

Those kind of moments were the ones that made me just have to keep believing God was slowing things down for a reason... but they were still so challenging!!!

Jen and Jeff said...

So sorry to hear about the snag! Hang in there. It will all work out. Glad you got to get away and get some R&R!