Friday, December 12, 2008

For all the waiting parents out there -

I heard this song today, and it struck me. This is just how I feel. I bet it's how a lot of you feel, too.

All you really want is to have your baby home. Safe, warm, loved.

I pray this for every child that doesn't get to be with their forever family this year.

Lord, even in our absence, let them be safe. Warm. Loved. 
But Godspeed them home so that we can have the honor of providing them with all the above. Thank you.


Jen and Jeff said...

Okay Em I am both laughing and crying right now! Everytime I turn on the radio I hear this darn song. So I looked at your blog and started the video and was like oh gosh there it is again! Too funny. It is exactly how I feel.Thanks, I think. :-)

Mireille said...

I just love that song!! One of my favorites for Xmas, although I am not waiting anymore....I still remember the feeling!

Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember meeting that woman once... i will make sure to get you a picture of us together!