Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adoption Travelouge, Part I

Perhaps it's because it feels as though an adoption's travelogue is akin to a pregnancy's birth story.

Perhaps it's the jet lag or the heat. Perhaps I have been savoring the little moments as only our own. Whatever the reason, it has taken me until now to put words to page, and even now if feels forced. But too many people have prayed. Walked with us and carried us to not share this journey with them. So seven days in, and what feels like a million miles late - I will try to recapture where we've been and where we stand today.

We boarded a flight departing from Los Angeles on August 15th at about 11:20 pm. 15 and a half hours later we touched down in Bangkok on the 17th, somehow skipping my birthday altogether which typically falls on the 16th, unless one outsmarts it. From one City of Angels to the other.

Through some random family connections here, we had an armed officer waiting for us when we landed to help us gather our belongings and whisk us through diplomatic customs. Made me realize that I need more connections.

Thunder, lightening and sheets or dark rain greeted us, just as rainy season had promised.

We had hired a driver to take us to the sleepy ocean side town of Hua Hin, not one of the more commonly visited beaches by tourists. This is where the King resides most of the time and is frequented primarily by locals and expats. We spent 3 lovely days is a jet lag/ Ambien induced haze, took a fantastic cooking class, hit a night market and did little else. Perhaps the perfect entry. I have decided that I am officially a "low season" person. Low rates, few people, and a chance of showers. Just lovely. But we were ready to move on to Bangkok and get the ball rolling. Kind rain ushered us back to the city, cooling the way ahead.

Up next, Bangkok.

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