Monday, March 17, 2008

Back in the saddle...

Well - I haven't written here for quite awhile. I realized that we have along road ahead of us and I couldn't let this process consume my thoughts, especially at this point, or I was never gonna make it through this sane. So...I laid it aside for awhile until we were able to actually move forward some. And I just finished turning in our application to Holt International. I am really excited that we are official. Or almost official - we still have to turn in tax forms, photos, a notarized something or other....I can tell that we have quite a paper trail ahead of us. But it's what waits on the other side of that trail that gets you through it. Just wanted to check in and say that we are at last, officially beginning the process.

Even though you probably haven't been born yet - I can't wait to meet you sweet baby!

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