Monday, March 31, 2008

t-shirt musings

Last night I was working on some ideas for a t-shirt fundraiser for some of our adoption expenses. This was my favorite design that I have come up with so far...Sean has been trying to help with feedback but that has made it a bit more trying. It's not like I know graphic design or anything. Here are my weak attempts at it.

This would be across the front of the shirt:

And then this would be big on the back:


Mark O said...

My wife and I are currently pursuing a difficult (what's new?) adoption in Thailand... Currently we are serving with Cadence International in Okinawa, Japan. Cadence is a Christian mission agency to the military around the world.

On Sunday, I showed my wife the John 14:18 verse... we were very moved by it... in fact, we may be moving to Thailand to pursue the adoption.

We would love to buy some of the t-shirts if you decide to make them... We think they are great!


Hannah said...

I saw your post on the yahoo group. I love reading others blogs. This t-shirt idea is great. How did you design it without graphic knowledge? it looks really cool.
thanks for sharing

Emily said...

Hi Mark-
Thank you so much for your nice post. I would love to get you the shirts as soon as they are made. How can I best reach you? Blessings and grace over your adoption journey!


Emily said...

Hi Hannah-
You are so sweet. I have played around with graphic stuff a little, so I have a very basic knowledge. If you would like to hear more specifics, just leave me your email address.


Anonymous said...

How much? The Hunts will take 5.


Mark O said...

Hi Emily,
You could click on my name and send me a mailing address to send a check to... after you receive it, you could mail me the t-shirts if/when you have them.

Kevin and Kathleen said...

I would LOVE to have a few of these shirts to pass around! You did a great job!!!