Saturday, June 7, 2008

back from Sabbatical

I haven't written for a couple months but we had what felt like a big day yesterday.  We finally got all our documents in the mail to our home study agency.  Once they receive them we can book a date for our home study.  It was nice to actually make some progress.  Truth be told I have been pretty discouraged the last couple months.  Seeing how long of a process this is, it's discouraging to be discouraged so early on.  The process is really long if you can afford to just move straight through it, but when you have to keep pausing to save up for the next step - it becomes a very loooong journey.  Ultimately though, God is in control.  He is faithful and He is extravagant with His gifts.  And He loves our new baby even more then we do.  

God grant me grace for this journey.  Amen.  


Jessica said...

Don't get discouraged. It truly is a journey albeit sometimes a painful one. Here are my read-while-you-wait book suggestions:

I wish for you a beautiful life: letters from Korean birth mothers (Dow)

Dim sum, bagels and grits. Lessons in multicultural families (Alperson)

China Ghosts: My daughter's journey to America, My passage to fatherhood (Gammage)

A single square picture (Robinson)


Melissa May said...

Hi! Saw your post on the Holt forum... Congratulations on getting your home study stuff submitted!!! It took us a whole year to get that part done... for me that was far and away the hardest part of our adoption so far. Of course, God used it to help me grow in a lot of ways (like getting over my fear of the social-worker-interview process) and His timing is perfect. : )

Glad to have you back with the Holt family!!!