Monday, June 23, 2008


here's how it went down:

-we decided on Thailand.

-we decided on Holt.

-we signed on with Holt.

-Holt closes their Thai program.  Estimated re-opening of December 2008.

-We sign on with WACAP.

-We begin the home study process with one of WACAP's Texas home study agencies.  

-We are fully pleased with WACAP as an agency, but I remain unsettled because I prefer that Holt primarily cares for their children through foster care while WACAP cares for their children in orphanages.  (Different things are priorities to different people and this apparently is a priority of mine as I could not get past it.

- A couple of weeks ago I call Holt to check the status of their Thai program.  It has still not reopened but a spot has just become open as a family switched from the thailand to the Ethiopia Program.

-We are offered their spot.

-Much home study agency drama ensues as we are not working presently with an agency that Holt works with. 

-I think (and hope and pray) that all is going to work out as we head back to Holt.  Though the home study process will be a bit more complicated, I think that it will be worth it for our family.

Ultimately we are really excited as we continue to try to navigate God's weird and wacky ways.  

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Melissa May said...

His ways are certainly not like ours!!! I hope and pray God gives you lots of peace as He walks you through this homestudy process with all of the complications. There must be a reason...