Thursday, July 17, 2008

Knight's prayer

I want to do more then merely exist, walk through the motions, let each day arrive and depart at it's own leisure. I want to act. I want to be intentional. I want to help alter my little corner of this earth. I want to learn to love. And you know what? I REALLY suck at loving. I am far too selfish and too tired and too easily annoyed to love well. I am scared, along with perhaps, most of the rest of the world, and not very brave at all. And I can easily look at myself and feel discouraged or some days, disgusted. But today I just feel encouraged. I did in fact love a little bit better this week than last. I did care about someone else more then myself. I even felt a little bit brave.

This week was rare.

Today it seems as though so little is asked or even expected of us. We can live our own little life never giving much thought to anything other than: "what should I eat for lunch? what do i want to do tonight? what do I want to spend my paycheck on?" And that can be it for all the days of our lives.

I want so much more than that for my life.

I came across this Knight's prayer and I have to say, I really love it. It seems so archaic. I wanna bring it back. Oh, for this to be a normal mindset in our time.

My Lord-
I am ready on the threshold of this new day to go forth armed with Thy power, seeking adventures on the high road: To right wrong, to overcome evil, to suffer wounds and endure pain if need be, but in all things to serve Thee bravely, faithfully, joyfully - that at the end of the days labor, kneeling for Thy blessing, Thou mayst find no blot upon my shield.


Jackie said...

Hi, Thanks for coming to my blog (Taiwan Lucy) and for your nice words! I LOVE your blog -- very cool and artsy. You can absolutely post Song for Lucy. In fact, I'm so proud of my husband... feel free to encourage others to post it too. We just found out last night that we're expecting a ruling in the next two weeks or so. I'll be following your adoption too! PS Love the black babies or white babies post. Anyone who can be honest, interesting and funny while discussing adoption—I'm a fan.

Melissa May said...

I love that prayer... It reminds me of something I've been pondering (and will probably post about this weekend)about my fear of pain and suffering. I want to avoid it and protect my loved ones from it - but that it so different than God's (and the knight's!) perspective on pain... Inspiring.