Tuesday, October 7, 2008

nationwide tour

Today, our dossier should be arriving in the fantastic city of Austin, Texas. (it was there we became the Paben 2)

Upon arriving at the Secretary of State's office it will be signed and given the official State of Texas seal.

From there it is to make it's way back into our loving arms where we will make haste and have it on it's way once again. This time, destination Washington D.C. It feels risky sending important documents such as these to D.C. so close to the election. I try not to imagine any postal trucks being held hostage until one of the presidential candidates can prove how he is able to meet all of the desires of all the people.

Should said hostage situation not occur, our dossier will be delivered to a courier who will quickly walk (not run, trip or fall) until he has made his way to both the U.S. and Thai consulates. At each destination he will obtain both sign and seal. He will then walk carefully to the nearest FedEx office and send our dossier to it's final US stopover - the Holt International offices in Eugene, Oregon. Once Holt receives our fully signed & sealed dossier (and a large check from us) they ship it off to Thailand.

Then we are added to the waiting list.

Man-o-man does 9 months of pregnancy seem really short right now.


Jen and Jeff said...

Hang in there, Em! You are on your way! Glad to see you back on the blog scene. :-)

Melissa May said...

Oh that brings back memories! It was so scary sending our documents off to DC, but the courier was very, very good and told me he'd never lost one yet. And it looks so official and important and fancy when you get it back! (Take a picture!!!)

Ane yes, 9 months may be shorter, but God's timing is always right when we're trusting Him. : )