Thursday, April 3, 2008

i heart amazon

Really. It's a little bit sick. I hear the doorbell ring and my heartbeat increases. I hope it's my amazon order arriving. It must stop or I will spend all of our adoption funds reading about adoption. I must get a library card. The problem is that when you have small kids it is far more enjoyable to hit click, click with children yelling and thrashing in the background then head into a silent library with children thrashing and yelling in the foreground. Do you see why I love amazon? Here are my purchases and opinions over the past few months:

The Complete Book of International Adoption by Dawn Davenport : Very Helpful

Love in the Driest Season, a memoir: by Neely Tucker.
Excellent whether or not you plan to adopt

CultureSmart Thailand: Sean is reading it now, I'll keep you posted

"Are Those Kids Yours?" by Cheri Register, Chapter 1 - so far, so good.

Please feel free to leave a post of books that you recommend - I love reading and I love research. Also if you have any insight into the amazon/library dilemma...

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Anonymous said...

I love the library! In fact, our library system is amazing. If you love looking online, try looking for the book you want at your local library website (your city has one, Em) and place a hold on the book you want. I reserve books, movies and books on CD this way. When my requested title is available, I receive an email and I run into the library, grab it off the "holds" shelf, check it out at the automated, do-it-yourself computer (don't forget to have them send you an e-receipt to save paper!) and I'm out the door. I can literally be in and out in one minute, if I wanted. Of course, the books always beckon me to stay, though.