Monday, April 7, 2008

Hi, we're the Cleavers. I mean, Pabens

On Friday we signed and initialed our contract, wrote a check that felt a little painful and put it in the mail. It should be arriving at our home study agency today. For those of you who don't know what a home study is - it goes something like this. A social worker makes a few visits to our home to spend several hours checking us out, checking our children out, checking our home out. A trifle intimidating. Though I know that these people are for us and for adoption, it is still hard to not want to appear perfect...or whatever that means to an adoption social worker. In the end though,we trust that as flawed as we are, we are "good enough" for this thing that is in essence, loving a child.

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Kevin and Kathleen said...

Hey Pagen Family,

You'll get through this step of your journey, it is intimidating but not that bad! Once it's over, you'll think you stressed too much over nothing, atleast I remember feeling that way.

Good Luck, we are following!

Journey to Shaun